Custom Orders

Hello, this page is outlining our custom design/orders options. As we are in the beginning stages of Chronic Though Design's inception , these services are in their infancy as well. We are here to work with or for you, and to provide as much service as we possibly can. 

The main form of customization we can offer at the moment is interchangeable designs. Say you like the design on a certain shirt but want it on a hoodie instead. Though each design is made for a specific product in mind, we can look into putting it on other things. Though we make no promise as to if it will translate over well to the new object. We will try our best to make it work as well as possible. 

As time moves on and we gain the ability to have more design and customization options, we will let you  know about them here. We plan to offer full custom design services in the future.

email us at

We will be happy to discuss customization options with you.